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MON-24     £108.00

7" High Definition Mirror Monitor with a Flip-open mirror cover


The monitor just clips over the existing interior mirror and is then secured with rubber straps.

The mirror cover folds down when the monitor is not required and so can be used as a normal interior mirror. It is also
a good security feature to safeguard against theft of the monitor, because with the cover down, it just looks like a mirror.

There are two video inputs, one for a camera which takes priority and an auxillary input. If you are connecting two cameras, you must take the power for the reversing camera from the reversing lights and this should go into the camera input. The second camera should go through the auxillary input. The second camera would be showing on the screen when the system is switched on, and the reversing camera would show on the screen when reverse gear is selected. As soon as you come out of reverse gear, the second camera shows on the screen again.

Comes with a cigarette lighter plugged lead. The lighter plug can be cut of for permanent hard wiring.

--- Flip-open Cover: better rearview, better display
--- Clip-on original mirror and belted
--- Two video inputs
--- RCA Phono connectors

--- Panel Size: 7 inch (16:9)
--- TFT Resolution: 800 x 400 High Definition
--- System: PAL/NTSC (Auto)
--- Power: 8-24v dc
--- Power consumption: 2.5W (max)


MON-24       £108.00